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Tour from La Ceiba to Leon

Avoid sleeping in San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa with our direct shuttle from La Ceiba, Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua in one day. (Door to door shuttle)


Our tour takes you to Leon, to the hostel of your preference, from La Ceiba 3 times a week. We normally travel from La Ceiba every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and from Leon every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, but as long as we get the minimum 5 people we send the shuttle to Leon any other day.

From La Ceiba to Leon: 09:00 AM

From Leon to La Ceiba: 02:00 AM

We will wait for you at the dock (Muelle Cabotaje) in La Ceiba after you arrive from Utila

IMPORTANT: This trip could be 15 hours long.

Next trips to Leon scheduled

We will depart from La Ceiba to Leon on

  • Monday, May 30th
  • Tuesday, May 31st
  • Wednesday, June 1st

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Pay with credit / debit card

Want to travel on a different day?

We need 5 people to do the trip, send us an email to to see if there is other people wanting to go.

Option #2: Save one day of your trip

Click here to know about our Overnight shuttle from La Ceiba to Leon.

Option #3: Visit new places before arriving in Leon

Click on the image below to learn more about our different way to get to Leon from La Ceiba.

Visit Honduras on your way to Leon


One way ticket: US$80.00 per person.


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Nicaragua 28.7300

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